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My Daddy's in Heaven
  • HD 1080
  • 92m
  • 155
  • 0
Becca, Adam and their 5-year-old daughter Acie are a perfect family until a tragic accident during a 4th of July celebration kills their father. Struggling with grief, Becky decides she needs to leave the family farm and all its memories. She leaves Acie with her grandfather Ben and visits with her friend from school, June. With all the best intent, June offers Becky plenty of distraction from her family life. Fueled by her anger at G*d and loss of faith, Becky starts drinking and making other self-destructive choices. Then, after Becky is arrested, Ben threatens to keep Acie until Becky is back on track. A chance encounter in a bus station with a traveler gives Becky what she needs to restore her faith and reunite with her family.

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