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Birds of a Feather 2
  • HD 1080
  • 89m
  • 214
  • 0
After years of success, Zaytoven still finds himself stuck in the middle of being a great producer and a mainstream producer, fighting for the #1 spot while keeping his principles intact. When Zay and his cousin Nuke get's confronted by a ole friends widow, Trish played by KASH DOLL, demanding payment from her Husbands abandoned music royalties. The cousins find themselves yet in another bind. Trish convince her brother Rock played by JOSIAH MCCORMICK and up coming producer idol turned rival, Ryan played by TROUBLE to extort Zaytoven and Co. at all cost. Tested by fans, media, friends and even family Zaytoven maneuver through the fight of his life in this twisted; made up Hollywood fantasy we call entertainment. This dramatic story unfolds as two cousins once again navigate through the industry.

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