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EdWard Furlong Filmography online

Assault on Wall Street

  • HD 1080
  • Views: 212212
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Jim is an average New Yorker living a peaceful life with a well paying job and a loving family. Suddenly, everything changes when the economy crashes causing Jim to lose everything. Filled with anger and rage, Jim snaps and goes to extreme lengths to seek revenge for the life taken from him.


The Last Light

  • HD 1080
  • Views: 156156
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Seven strangers find themselves trapped inside an abandoned hospital after an unexplainable apocalyptic event. In addition to being haunted by what they've lost, the strangers must also fight off mysterious creatures that hunt them down one by one.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • HD 1080
  • Views: 690690
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Nearly 10 years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future. Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back to attempt to save John and his mother Sarah.